Spend and save smarter

Kiboo MasterCard® Prepaid Card

Do more with your money every day, while we manage it for you.

With Kiboo you can

Kiboo MasterCard® Prepaid Card

Spend safely with your Kiboo Card.


Budget and save money automatically.


Get text & email alerts to stay on track.

Take control of your money


Make your money go further with easy-to-use budgeting and saving tools, and receive alerts that keep you updated.

Why you'll love Kiboo

Saving made easy

Saving for the things you want is effortless with Goals, and your friends & family can Chip-In.

Safe and secure

Kiboo keeps your money and personal information protected, so you don’t have to worry.

Use Kiboo as a Family

Kiboo Family

Families now have an easy way to send money instantly, keep track of activity and spend responsibly. Learn more.

Your money, your way

Money tips

Simple advice and tips on everything money related, from cheap airfare to your credit score.

Automatic budgeting

Transactions automatically go into your Budget. You’ll see what you’re spending on, and where you need to cut back.

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